Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 135: Rubik's Cube

Aren't these socks the BEST? Total Rubik's cube socks. These were perfect for the day that I was writing my statistics final exam. I needed to channel my inner nerd in a serious way and figured that socks that looked like Rubik's cubes could do just that.

After a really terrible sleep (nerves, maybe?) I got up and took my sweet time getting ready. I went to school and sat and added a couple more things to my cheat sheet. One girl in my class copied an entire past exam including answers onto her cheat sheet. I was wondering if her way was better than my way of just putting formulas that I would need and some common answers to difficult questions that I had come across while studying. Everyone else seemed to have maxed out their 2 pages front and back cheat sheet allowance. Mine was just one sheet front and back and then on the second page I copied down some examples that, to be honest, I didn't even end up looking at in the exam. Oh well, better to be safe than sorry!

The exam itself was three hours long. That is a long time to be doing calculations and second guessing everything you are writing down. Not to mention this ridiculous cough and sore throat that i've acquired. I coughed a lot in the exam and ate almost an entire package of throat lozenges just to keep my coughing to a minimum. I didn't want to be that annoying person in the exam that was making everyone else mad. Plus, the exam was in the gym and everything echoes in there.

Once it was over I felt a little bit unsure of how I did. I always feel like that with stats. I end up getting good marks usually, but I don't feel confident in the answers that I am writing down.

My only thought when I walked out was, "and now I get to take Stats II, next semester." I felt like the actual being done the first class was rather anti-climactic when I know I just have to go through more stats next semester. But after next semester I will be rid of it forever!



  1. hey where did u buy these?

  2. I'm pretty sure they were purchased at Ardene.


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