Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 120: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore grippy socks

Really how does spell check not recognize Tigger and Eeyore as names? Pretty sure both of them have been around since WAY before spell check was even invented. What kind of a silly spell check creator would not put those names in there. Oh wait, that was stupid. I am pretty sure most dictionaries don't contain many names. Oops.

I contemplated deleting that whole paragraph after realizing that I'm an idiot, but it's much funnier to leave it up so you can all appreciate my thoughts and the way I come to my conclusions.

So! I just found out tonight that my friend Mallory just bought a fancy new camera and is going to take pictures of me on Wednesday when I cut my hair!!! I am thinking that since I'm so behind in my blog I should wash a few more pairs of socks and re-wear them. Again. I'd be stretching my blog by a few days, but I will make it to 365 days eventually. It will just take me closer to 380 days by now. :) I was thinking that Wednesday should be my restarting point since it's such a momentous day for me! I have currently raised $2110 for the Canadian Cancer Society to support me cutting off my hair and donating it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign! This is so incredible! And now I'll have some nice pics to show of it! And my haircut is free because my hairdresser is incredible sweet like that.

I'm getting EXCITED!


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