Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 119: Comfy, microfiber socks/booties

Most comfortable socks. Seriously. These were like heaven on my feet.

Okay, so last Saturday (not like 2 days ago Saturday, but the one before that. Yes, i'm that behind in my blog). Anyways, so last Saturday it was Andrew's surprise party. It was a total success! We managed to legitimately surprise him! His face was fantastic, and Krista put it best in saying, "Umm Andrew, your surprised face looks a lot like your angry face and I'm not sure how I should feel right now!"

Krista, Randi and Tammy managed to plan a totally sweet scavenger hunt. We went all around the deep south of Calgary (where they all have accents and talk like "thaaaaaas", obviously). We went to places that had to do with Andrew's life, places he worked, places he went to school, etc., and took group photos at each of them. Bonus points were given to those in human centipede formation for many of the photos. Trust me, you don't want to google that.

After the scavenger hunt we went back to Randi's for chili and drinks and 'Pin the iPod on Andrew' -- good times. It was a really fabulous night. Krista spent much of her evening having "moments" with people. I think this is what happens when someone is moving to another country and is trying to spend as much time with her friends as possible. We haven't had our "moment" yet, so I'm sure that will be coming in the next couple months before she goes off to London town.

These socks were not the socks I actually wore on the day of the party, but the ones I did wear, I am actually wearing again today because it was one of those two pairs I forgot to take pictures of. These ridiculous comfortable white socks were worn in the evening after Krista and I waged war on a house cleaning venture. I know this sounds extreme, but the house was extreme. Suffice it to say that it was incredibly dirty and that I can't imagine EVER living like that. We basically cleaned a couple rooms for a family that essentially lives the life of an episode of "Hoarders". My skin crawls thinking about it. Therefore, after scrubbing myself down twice in the shower after we left their place, I put on the coziest socks in my sock drawer and headed off to watch Harry Potter. Thank goodness I had Harry Potter to look forward to on a day like that. Thank goodness I had a brave friend to go into battle with me. Thank goodness my parents keep their houses clean.


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