Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 125: Pink and Black Checkers

I clearly bought these in a pack that came in all different colours. Genius. I am almost out of socks!!!! This is alarming.

I wore these little pink socks on Saturday. On Saturday I spent a solid 8 hours or so on one project for school. Seriously I was thinking this project would be the death of me. So boring. And SO much work. And I am paying for this. Really! School is so backwards. Someone should be paying me to do that crap. I shouldn't have to pay to be overworked, stressed, apprehensive and have no social life. It takes away from the money I want to spend on the social life I wish I had. Rude.

I also found out on Saturday that Ginger (my car) is being grumpy again. This time she has a hole somewhere because my coolant is leaking. Her low coolant light came on last week so on Thursday we filled her up with coolant again. Well on Saturday my Dad went out to check on her and my radiator was empty again -- no coolant. This is the never-ending saga of my life with Ginger. Poor girl obviously just hated the ridiculously cold winter and decided to show it. But now that it's warming up, coolant is probably even more important. I don't really know if that's true or if that's how it works, but I'm going to think that.

Saturday night Krista, Tammy and I had girls night. It was SO much fun! Tammy made the most delicious margherita pizza! She made the dough and Krista and I cut up the tomatoes, basil and bocconcini. We put it all together with a bit of olive oil, sea salt and pepper. And in just a few minutes we had one of the most delicious pizzas I have ever eaten in my life! To go with the pizza we shared a lot of wine, a lot of stories, and a lot of feelings! Such girls. For real. It was ridiculous fun though and I'm really excited that the three of us are going to be on a road-trip to Edmonton on Friday for the night. Can't wait!


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