Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 123: Tigger's a Wonderful Thing

Day one of styling my new hair was an adventure in itself. I haven't had hair like this so everything is completely new. A bunch of people warned me that I would use too much shampoo, so in my usual style I was extra careful, and I didn't. Challenge number one: conquered. Challenge number two: the actual hair styling. Not so much. I didn't have time to buy hair products last night. Luckily, my dad had some hair 'gum' that I could use. What a foreign concept. Gum that you actually want IN your hair? Very strange. So I busted out the blow dryer. So excited that it would take less than 15 minutes to dry my hair. I kid you not, my hair is so thick, that is how long it would take me. Today was around a total of 4 minutes. Incredible. The blow drying was fine, it was the styling that was harder. I couldn't remember if my hairdresser had put the gum in my hair before she styled it with a flat iron or after. I probably don't have to use a flat iron, I just thought it was really cute!

Anyways, so I flat-ironed it first. I made little curls as well as I could on my own. I even tried to flip out the little edges by my ears again. My hair has been so long, straight and heavy for such a long while that it naturally parts just off centre. Well, with the short hair it is still parting itself in the middle. That's not as cute when you're not a 7-year-old boy in a class photo. I am now realizing that I will have to do a lot of playing around with my hair in order to re-train it that crazy is okay! Apparently even my hair knows I'm a straight-laced individual. How completely boring.

My third challenge was going into the hair product aisle at Shoppers Drug Mart this evening. Honestly, I take forever to make a decision in those places. I knew this from previously buying shampoo/conditioner and body wash. Body wash is almost the worst because I want to smell them ALL before I'll make a decision. Walking into the hair products aisle was walking into a previously untapped world of "must-have" retail purchases. Dangerous for a student that just got a speeding fine. I knew that I wanted a certain type of mousse, as it had been recommended by a couple of people. I headed there first. My eyes lit up when I saw, "SALE. $2.99"! Dream come true. $2.99 -- really? How have I not bought this ever before? Mousse would have been good in my long hair too maybe. It better smell delicious! Tomorrow, at some point, I will need to go and buy some pomade. I have my mind set on trying 'Redken Rewind' since again, many people recommended it, but I have to buy that at a salon. Let's hope the word "SALE" graces that price tag as well.

Please hope that I do not become a total hair product junkie! I can't afford it.


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