Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 140: Hole-y Purple Argyle

These socks have a nice hole on my right foot. Originally I wrote, 'in the right one.' I then realized that doesn't make sense because socks generally don't have a specific foot that they are made for. I realize there are some exceptions to that, but for the most part they are unifoot. Can that be the foot related word for unisex? I made that.

I've been feeling guilty thinking recently that I don't have any idea about politics. I've taken a few politics related quizzes (which are clearly always right) and they generally tell me to vote Liberal, based on my responses. This is strange for someone that has admittedly always voted Conservative because it is the "Christian" vote. I have been feeling though that I really do need to research what party most closely maps to what I believe and what I think would be good for the country I live in. Voting for a party based on everyone else's views is not the way to go. Finding out what they all stand for and mapping that with what I stand for is a much better idea.

So that is my plan. After my exam tomorrow. Well, and after packing my bag for BC. I plan to learn more about politics and the political parties and their platforms. I plan to go to the polls this year with an educated opinion of who I'm voting for and most importantly, why. If I can't stand behind the vote then the vote is pointless. I won't do that this time.


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  1. Very true, very true. Do your research and see what the party stands for and what they have done. Even if they have "conservative" values, they can still affect a country in a negative way or go against what one may believe.
    This time I'm really torn... One week to go.


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