Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 174: Moustachio

I saved these socks for cabin weekend because I have seen many photos of cabin weekend attenders wearing moustaches from the dollar store.

I wore these the day we headed to the dollar store. We didn't buy moustaches, but we did buy glow stick necklaces and earrings, best friend necklaces to be shared amongst the girls, powder to make the fire "mystic", and many other completely unnecessary but really fun things!

Rick and Nandi and I then went for a walk to a coffee shop and met back up with everyone at the grocery store.

Arriving back at the campsite some of the girls went on an adventure. We decided to take photos and make a 'calendar' of our photos. I put that in quotations because I'm not sure the calendar will actually happen, but we have the photos for it for sure. During all this adventure and all our photo taking, I did start to see why some people like camping so much:

This adventure, coupled with a second adventure, some games in the field, some games in the dark and a few body-jolting rides on the golf cart -- my body has definitely been sore today (the day after all of this excitement).

Every pain I feel in my body today was totally worth it for a super fun weekend. HUGE thanks to Drew (and his family) for opening up their cabin to a bunch of rowdies!!!

Cabin Weekend 2011 SUCCESS!


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