Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 155: Beige (not socks) flats

Not socks. Again. Honestly, it's hard! It's so nice out that I just want to wear whatever. I could really use a couple cute summer dresses. I bought mine all last spring before I lost any weight so I feel like they could be a little loose on me.

Funny dream!

I dreamt the other night that I met a Prince. A real live Prince. And...he loved me. Naturally. I'm sure with all the Royal wedding stuff that happened, coupled with my obsession with anything remotely related to the Royal wedding (OMG, Pippa and Harry?!, etc.), is likely the reason that this dream happened.

However, it was cute. I was going to a University for a special course in HR, which is my real major. Except this course was in a foreign country and it just so happened that people thought the Prince was going to be in the course too. I went to the course. I had to go through all these security checks. Including going through a door that was mirror. I have no idea how it worked, but it let me in. They started the course and there was no Prince. Even though I had no idea who the guy was because I was in some really obscure country, I just assumed he was sexy. I was right. He was this tall blondie that showed up on a horse, fashionably late of course. What's strange about that is that I'm not usually a girl that goes for blondes. But in my dream, I was smitten. I'm sure there were some audible sighs during the course. Creepy stalker staring too.

At the end of the course I talked about how I was afraid of horses, he said I should try his. So, I hopped on the back of the horse behind him. Obviously the rest was history...


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