Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 149: Really adorable (but painful) shoes

These shoes are ridiculously cute! Right?

Only problem is that they hurt my feet! Maybe I just have to 'break them in', or maybe they will hurt forever. Either way, next time I'll wear nylons with them, because that seems to help with the avoidance of skin opening from shoes.

This reminds me of how much I dislike it when I buy a jacket and have to sew the buttons on tighter before I even wear it. Why make a jacket with the buttons not sewn on tight? Who always wears their jacket undone? Is this the store's way of getting back at me for only buying coats on sale? I mean, really. Thread is not so expensive that they need to make it cost more in order for the buttons to come fully sewn on tight. It's just frustrating. And if I'm honest, it was always my Nana that sewed that my buttons on for me. Until last year I had never done it before. I was really proud of myself with I finally did it though.

Companies should make shoes that don't hurt and jackets with buttons sewn on properly.


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