Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 156: I like to

All the socks are starting to look the same to me now. I am very diligent about putting them in separate places when I'm done wearing them so as not to confuse myself and wear a pair that I've already worn. However, sometimes I will pull out a brand new pair of socks and swear that I have worn them before. That happened with these socks. I scoured my photos though and don't see one of these guys.

The funniest part is that I had finally gotten over it and just worn the socks anyways and then I got to dodgeball and one of my teammates said, "haven't you worn those socks before?" Shoot. So, if I have worn them, sorry! But this was a brand new pair that I opened that day. So if they are a repeat they were bought for me by two different people. And two different people that obviously know me well! Purple is my favourite colour and I ADORE polka dots.

In fact, I would really like a cute, polkadot, summer dress!


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