Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 173: A Marriage Made in Heaven - Neon + Polkadots

My socks of choice for Day 1 of Cabin Weekend.

Cabin Weekend is something that my friends do every year. Since I was not friends with these people yet last year, this was my first cabin weekend! And let me tell you, it was wonderful.

I got off work early to head out of town. Picked up some snacks, made some ridiculously last minutes phone calls and emails about work, and then headed out of town with Tam.

When we got to the campsite we got our trailer all set up. Tam's trailer is across the gravel road from the cabin that is the hub of the weekend. When we were done setting up, our sleep area looked like this:

I'm fully aware that this in no way qualifies as "roughing it", but it was a good way to introduce me slowly into the (terrifying) world that is camping.

Friday night was really fun. There was a lot of great food, good talks, a nice fire, some beer, some games. It was a fairly low-key start to a fabulous weekend with friends.


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