Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 168: Pylons

These are BRIGHT.

I may have posted this elsewhere as well, but I thought it appropriate enough to share here: be or not to be?
Decided (fairly) recently that I want to do my 2nd and 3rd work terms in London, England. I’ve dreamt of living in England basically since I knew what England was. So, since elementary school-ish. I was always excited when I heard British accents as a child. I would try to talk like them. ALL THE TIME.
When my friends and I went to the swimming pool, we would pretend we had British accents because we thought boys would like us more if we were ‘exotic’. Ah, yes. Being 13 with pimples, big gaps in my teeth and awkward barely-there triangle boobs wasn’t enough. I had to try to impress the boys with a fake British accent. Any wonder why I’m still single? Hah!
Anyways, to spend May to December of next year in London is the plan. Provided that plan doesn’t involve a hell of a lot of work because I do have my first work term and two school semesters to worry about between now and then. And As on my transcript don’t happen without focus. 
Today, however, I received an email from my cooperative education coordinator. She sent me all the info I will have to fill out to do an International work term. Also, the email informed me that there are some sort of job boards that the International Office at school have. I will look into this. The more leg work I can get done this summer, the better.
Wish me luck for London!

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  1. Good Luck and I am definitely coming to visit...we can find a way to break up William and Kate...then get you hooked up with Harry...then you will hook the depressed Will up with me....and we can both be Princesses living happily ever after with our Prince charmings:)


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