Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 160: Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat isn't on these socks, but they reminded me of him when I put them on. I'm sure I broke out the evil grin in that moment too.

Saturday was, in a word, ridiculous! But so much fun! I woke up late. Super late, like a teenager late. It was 12pm. To be fair, I was up the night before having a super fun time hanging out with my friend Andrew. I went to his apartment for dinner, we went out for dessert, we drove around a bit, we went to a party and then we came back to his house and he went to bed. I totally crashed on the couch watching 'Community' and then I woke up at about 4AM and drove myself home because I was craving my bed. Even though his couch was super comfy!

But, I digress...Saturday, I slept in. Upon waking I talked to Krista and we met up to eat lunch together and go to Shoppers Drug Mart. I then got my hair cut shorter. The reason is that I didn't want to have to get it cut every month because it costs too much money, so shorter I went:

That's the new 'do! Pretty short, but I'm trying to get used to it. I've had nothing but compliments, so that's nice.

After the haircut Krista and I went and got waxed. There is nothing quite like having little hairs being ripped out at the root near your eyeballs to humble a person.

Then we went to Randi's for girls night! It was SO MUCH FUN! We had some drinks. A delicious dinner with all of the following ingredients plus more (margherita pizza):

The food was tasty, the drinks were tasty and our plan after eating was absolutely amazing. We decided to make a music video. To 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' by Bonnie Tyler. Yes.

80's music was a-flowing and it was stellar. We did a group scene and then we did individual ones (mine was the hot tub scene!). Now Randi's delightful boyfriend, Nick, is going to turn it into a legit video for us.

So excited to see the final product! Will possibly post it once it's complete!


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