Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 167: American Candy Canes?

If America doesn't have candy canes that look like these socks, they should. Seriously. Get on that, America. Obama should mandate blue in the candy canes this year. What flavour would the blue be? Maybe blue raspberry. Although I'm not sure blue raspberry and peppermint are really a winning combo. Maybe I should leave that to Marketing professionals. A Marketing professional is something that I am clearly not. I am not nearly creative enough to be in Marketing. I find creative people amazing. I'm slightly jealous of them all. For real. I don't understand how they can see two completely unrelated things and think, "if I just put those together it would become THE MOST AMAZING THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD." And they do it. And it truly becomes that.

How is that even possible?



  1. Well, it has been done:

    But anise flavoured? How uncreative is that.....I vote for red = raspberry, blue = blueberry and white = cream:)


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