Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 151: Black Nylons

I know, this is a terrible picture. Really, my feet look fat and it's just kind of gross. Sorry about that.

These are the 'socks' I wore on Thursday. That morning I went to a 'Global Talent Breakfast' with my boss from work. It was put on by the United Way and the focus of the discussion was on integrating skilled immigrants into the workforce with the training that they already have, rather than forcing immigrants to work at jobs that they are way over-qualified for. It was an eye-opening session for me. It amazes me that in this generation of tolerance, acceptance and love, there are still people who look down on other races as being 'beneath' them. It completely blows my mind that people can be that  ignorant.

I know I'm not perfect and probably sometimes make snide jokes that I shouldn't, but I really do appreciate diversity. I appreciate that people are all different, with different opinions and different ideas. While the training for certain jobs in immigrants' home countries may be different than the training in ours, they are often times no less qualified for the job. While there may be an accent that makes them harder for us to understand, that doesn't show that they are unintelligent. If anything, it shows their intelligence. They know at least two languages!

I believe that the workforce will be a better and more interesting place when we give immigrants the opportunity to work in their areas of specialization.


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