Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 170: Kitty Cats from the Back, Meow!

Not sure why most of the cats are backwards on these socks. Maybe I had them on upside down and their faces were on the other side? Not sure. Much too lazy to move from my oh-so-comfortable bed and find out.

I'm catching up on my blog, guys!!! I'm only a couple days behind now! Gooo me (that was an elongation of the word 'go' not the word 'goo', just to be clear). I still don't remember what I did on the day of the cats, but, meh. I lived, so that's a plus.

So my Mom is in Saudi Arabia for work. That's pretty sweet. I hope she rides a camel.

I also hope that her headscarf doesn't blow off one day revealing her bright red hair, which in turn will make her have to marry a Saudi man because he saw her hair. I realize that this probably doesn't even happen in their country, but you never know. Weirder things have probably happened.

If I was drinking something right now I would toast to my Mom riding a camel and her headscarf being tightly secured.

I hope she has safe travels. Mainly because she's the best Mom ever and I would like to see her again.


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