Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 169: Perfectly Gentlemanly

Do you know what is really annoying? Not just a little bit annoying like like an incessant buzzing in your ear. No, this is REALLY annoying.

Slow walkers.

Those people that are in front of you in a crowded hallway and you can't go around them because there are other people coming towards you beside them. You can't escape. You are trapped behind people that are literally as slow as molasses. Every time you think, "oh an opening, I can make it before the next person comes by!" Then you try to speed up and turn a bit to the side to squeeze past them and the turtles in front of you just happen to move to the side a little bit, at that moment, completely blocking your pathway to walking freedom.

It's really just rude. Walking should have a slow and a fast lane like driving. You should be able to ring your little bell, like when you ride a bike, and the ridiculously slow people would move out of the way for you to pass.

That would be genius.


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