Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 171: Best Slippers

My slippers keeping my feet nice and toasty!

I need you all to think of me/pray for me/wish me luck because tomorrow I am driving to Edmonton. Yes, Edmonton is only a three hour drive. However, Ginger (my car) is still being a bit moody lately and I am hoping she'll be a good girl and make it there. Preferably without me having to call AMA to rescue me on the side of the highway.

My Dad and I went for a short drive over the gas station to put some air in her tires tonight and we checked the oil. She had none. Now for some people this might not be surprising, but I have been very faithful to Ginger and I get her oil changed every time I am supposed to. I am a couple hundred kilometres over what the sticker from the oil change says I should have been at. But it's only a couple hundred kilometres! 

Thankfully my Dad knows what to do a lot of the time with cars so we put some extra oil in and when I get back from Edmonton I'll use my free oil change coupon. 

Wish me luck!


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