Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 159: Gray with polkadots!

Polkadots are becoming an addiction. A sweet, sweet addiction. Seriously, still looking for a summer polkadot dress. And not a trashy ugly one. Like these socks in dress form would be cute on a 3 year old...maybe. On me, not so much. I'm thinking a black or white or red dress with white polkadots would be more age appropriate for me.

I remember watching the movie "Because I Said So" (the one with Mandy Moore and crap I have to get up to look at the name of Diane Keaton). In the movie Diane Keaton's character (let's call her Mom), buys Mandy Moore (let's call her daughter) a dress. It's a red dress with white polka dots. Daughter hates the polkadot dress because it's something Mom likes, not her. I remember watching it and thinking, "what I wouldn't give for that adorable dress!" And then, in watching the whole movie there are a LOT of polkadots. Polkadot dresses and shirts and even a cake.

The moral of the story is: Just because your Mom would wear it, doesn't mean it isn't someone else's idea of 'adorable'.


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