Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 146: Lilac Purple

Ah, yes. The socks I chose to come back home in.

I am sure there are many people that feel that they have two homes. I can honestly say that both BC and Alberta feel like home to me. When I am in BC, it feels like I've always been there. When I am in Alberta, it also feels like I have always been there. It's a very strange feeling to get off a plane and feel like both places are home.

Vancouver with the beautiful skyline, the ocean, the busy city, the beaches, the rain...I adore that.

Calgary with the vast blue sky, the peaceful city, the sunshine, the light frost in the morning at this time of year...I adore that too.

I think that as a city, Vancouver has more draw for me. There is more to do and I feel that means there is more to see. However, I truly enjoy the friends and the life I have in Calgary.

I have no idea where I'll end up living when I'm older, but I imagine, no matter what, both of these places will still feel like home.

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  1. I think you should try living in Omaha with me:)


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