Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 166: Work Appropriate

Work appropriate argyle.

I have to share this little picture that one of my friends sent me. She said in her message, "is it bad that when I saw this, I thought of you?":

My friend got this picture from here. Have to give credit where credit's due.

Those of you that follow this blog, or just know me in real life, know my thoughts on this exact subject. If you don't know me or just started reading this blog, click here for an example of how I feel about Disney and what they do to us.

One thing I didn't think about before though is DUDES. Guys have this issue too, it's just different. They aren't pining after their "Princess", they are pining after a woman that will do anything they ask, mainly sexually.

Huh. No wonder there is such disconnect here. Maybe if men were a little sweeter, and us ladies were a little more adventurous, we could meet in the middle?



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