Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 158: Gray shoesies

I have had these shoes for a very long time. Years. I love them. They have been good to me. The soles of them are starting to come apart at the edge of the mini wedge heels that they have. I bought these shoes on sale at Payless a few summers ago and I honestly think I will spend the money to have new soles put onto them. As I said, they've been good to me. And they are CUTE!

So I pretty much don't remember what I did last Thursday because I don't have anything written in my calendar. By written I really mean typed, because I use my iPhone calendar for basically everything.

Technology amazes me so much. It's hard to believe that we can have electronic calendars, digital photos, skype, etc. All these 'life necessities' that happen instantly, at the touch of a button. I love technology. And yet, sometimes, it's the most frustrating thing. When things don't work properly (like my reminders on my iCal that always come an hour later than they should. Do you think I could find a way to fix this? Not on your life. I can't find it anywhere. I've been tricking my phone by telling it the wrong times so that it will remind me earlier. Still waiting for the time I think I have to be somewhere at 3pm because that's how I typed it in and I'll show up an hour early.

That will be a treat.


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