Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 9: Mallory's ski socks

I know you might be thinking that I've gotten lazy and just grabbed two random socks out of the drawer. This is not the case. These socks actually come as a pair and are Mallory's ski socks. They are Volcom and I believe that Mal got them from her husband, Nick, one Christmas morning! Perhaps last Christmas.

Please notice in the photo: I am wearing my new skinny jeans!!!! And I LOVE them. And they look amazing with my boots. Today I had lunch with Joy and she kept staring at my boots instead of my face. Boys looks at the boobs, and Joy looks at the boots. I loved it though!

New day, new rant. While sitting in Wyckham House (which is Mount Royal University's food court) I was sitting beside a group of about four or five girls. Some of them would come and go, and two of them were constant the entire time I was there. Normally I am skilled at tuning others out while I'm working on homework. However, I found this extremely difficult with this group of girls because they were loud and abrasive.

I understand using swear words as a reenactment of a conversation, or once in a while for emphasis on something that you feel very strongly about, but the generic use of swear words, especially f-words, is really just harsh and not classy -- especially from girls. I cannot comprehend the lack of vocabulary that these University students appear to have when dumbing down their sentences with f-this and f-that. To top off my sincere lack of understanding of these girls, they spoke the entire time at a pitch that was possibly barely audible to the human ear, but at a decibel that was clearly audible for at least a 2 table radius. At those levels one would imagine their topics to be school, or something equally generic that most people might not mind hearing, but alas, they spoke about making out with their boyfriends, their periods, and gossiped about other people that were not currently there. Oh. my. word.

Needless to say, as soon as Joy showed up for lunch, I was all too happy to get out of there.

Seriously ladies (and men too!), swearing all the time is not attractive. Really. Not. Maybe read a dictionary before bed and pick up some more words to fill your sentences with.

I'm now off to decorate for Christmas and watch girly movies with one of my faves -- Krista! Yay British chick flicks!


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  1. So this video was shared with me by a friend and I thought it was hilarious, so I am going to post it here so you can see the other side of the argument for swearing:


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