Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 20: Days of the week - Monday & Skulls

This is day one of my seven day of socks that I received from Andre for Christmas! I am so excited to be starting this pack of all new little sockies! Monday's socks have skulls on them. As I put them on this morning I was truly hoping the skulls were not some sort of bad omen about how my Economics final was going to go.

I spent the day studying at Starbucks in Southcentre Mall while willing myself to not go to the store next door and buy a purse and wallet that I really wanted. Too much money. Shoot. I wanted them both so badly, but I restrained. Plus, if I get any money for Christmas I can maybe get the same stuff on sale around Boxing Day. After the ridiculously hard time spent studying there, I went to school to finish my studying before my exam at 4:30pm. 

I got through the studying and I got through the exam. I don't think I aced it, but I definitely think I'll at least get an A on it, which will keep me at an A in that class. Take that, Microeconomics. 

Now, I have one more final this year and then I get to go to BC and visit my family and friends over Christmas! I can't wait. I am going to work my butt off this week so I can get a good mark on my last final. Just can't wait for it all to be over. 

As much as I was concerned about the skulls on the socks this morning, I don't think I let them get me down! 


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