Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 24: Friday & Flowers

My Friday socks are blue with white flowers on them.

Thank goodness for school being over! I am so glad for that. Had my last exam this evening. I was done by about 8:30pm. Hooray! 

I am honestly so tired right now, but I am packed and ready to head out to BC tomorrow! I get to see my Mom tomorrow by 9:30am, Calgary time. I was thinking at work today that it's really hard to imagine where you will be the next day. I was trying to picture that I'd be in BC again in less than 24 hours and it was hard for my brain to comprehend. I suppose that makes it all the more exciting and interesting because we can't know what will happen or what we will experience in each day. I am definitely thankful for variety. 

Something I am not thankful for: final exams in a big, echoing, fluorescent-lit gym. Whose idea was it to take 200 kids and stick them in a gym for their final when they learn the class material in an entirely different environment? Silliness. Complete silliness.

Miss. Joy is coming over soon so we can eat a bite of chocolate and hug goodbye. Then I shall retire to my delightful bed for (not nearly enough) sleeping! 


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