Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 35: Pink, Purple and Black Argyle

These lovely socks came from my Nana for Christmas! The tag on the socks described me perfectly:
I am writing this a day late. Yesterday was a really great day! In the morning I went and saw Andrea and she and I talked for hours and ate lunch together. Our time together was really great and was something that I was looking forward to. I met Andrea and Ryan's bunnies, Pancakes and Waffles. They are SO cute. Pancakes was my favourite because she is cuddly and liked to just lay there on me. Such a little sweetheart!

After my time with Andrea, I went to Amy's house and we went off to Winners and La Vie En Rose together. I got a new phone case (for $5!) and some new undies at La Vie En Rose (love new undies!). Afterwards we had dinner at her place and watched 'Robin Hood Men In Tights'. Hilarious!

"We are the men in tights, TIGHT tights!" -- Awesome! I can't believe I'd never seen that movie before.

Once that was done we decided to go and see the movie Love and Other Drugs with Julia. I wasn't sure what to expect with this movie as I've heard pretty mixed reviews about it, but I loved it. There was definitely more nudity and sex scenes than I would ever put in a movie, but the story itself was a well written one and the last line was possibly my favourite part of the whole movie (next to seeing two straight hours of Jake Gyllenhaal's lovely face, that is). I won't give it away! I don't want to be the movie spoiler for people that want to see it. Anyways, it's definitely not a movie for everyone and I certainly wouldn't recommend it for anyone quite young, but I sure liked it!

I'm off for today.


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  1. You mean two hours of Jake Gyllenhaal's lovely BUM!


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