Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 31: Christmas Balls

I know, I know, when someone says "Christmas Balls" you don't automatically think of the type that hang on your tree. Oh, you do? Well, I don't. This reminds me of walking into La Vie En Rose and thinking that they strategically placed the furry pom poms on the supposedly sexy Mrs. Claus skirt in an awkward place on the mannequin. What look are they really going for? Is that going to sell the lingerie to ladies who want to look really hot for their significant other? Probably not. If the furry pom poms alone don't solidify in my mind the idea of not wanting to wear it, the idea of wearing an outfit that is universally regarded as being the outfit of a very fat woman definitely would. I just can't see dressing up as the 'festively plump' Mrs. Claus as being my thing. And I certainly hope that whomever I marry feels the same on that topic.

Today, on Christmas Eve, my Mother and I braved the mall to get a few last-minute items. It was pure insanity. While sitting in the food court for lunch my Mom remarked that no one around us was really smiling. As the televisions played video of people going to Bethlehem to see the city where Jesus was born, we were sitting in a mall with the apparently unhappy people of the world who were trying to purchase a few more things before their time ran out and Christmas was here. I noted that it was actually quite sad the stressful, ridiculously busy, insanely selfish thing that as a society we have turned Christmas into.

On our way to the mall my Mom asked for my help in writing the list of the things we needed. This is the result of my careful planning:

The classiest part is that it's actually all written on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt. Cute.

Well, here's to hoping for the husband and the diamonds, but I'll settle for just the champagne at this point!

Happy Christmas Eve to all of you (technically Christmas right now to all of my friends in Mountain Time or later)! May you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends and may you get/find/buy all the things on your list that you truly hope for!


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  1. I specifically like the reminder to pee after you eat!! And that 2 forms of alcohol precede husband on the list:)

    Merry Christmas in 5 minutes dear Lydia:)


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