Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 22: Wednesday & Stars

Just to keep my day a little interesting these socks seem to be extra soft, which translates into extra slippery on hardwood and tile floors. I've almost fallen over three times already today and am just waiting for that slip down my parents hardwood stairs that I've always dreaded. Those things are killer.

I've gotten a couple marks back from school! I got an A in Economics. Man, I worked my butt off in that class to get that mark, so I'm pretty happy about it! I got an A+ in Human Resources, which I also worked my butt off in. Now I just have to wait to see how I do after my test on Friday! I am so looking forward to this all being over because it means Christmas is close!

It's officially going to get cold here again tomorrow (around -14 celsius). I am certainly not looking forward to that. I am pretty excited for the rain and a bit warmer temperatures in BC. Not to mention the moisture! My skin is looking forward to that for sure.

I have to spend a big chunk of time tonight studying. Sorry the blog today is pretty boring, but I have to start the studying process again. One more to go!!!


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