Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 14: Purple

Ah, purple. My favourite colour. I love that purple is such a rich colour. It makes me happy. Deep purple, deep blue, and deep red are probably my top three favourites. I just love the "winter" colours.

Right now in my life I am a disaster. Exterior = fine. Interior = scrambled eggs. I can't keep two consecutive thoughts strung together. I blame finals. It's a strange feeling because right now I have a lot to do. Meaning, I have a lot of preparation for exams to do, but at the same time I don't have a lot to hand in. This is making me feel panicky as I keep feeling like I'm missing something. In the next week and a half I have to do: a 15 minute International Business presentation (Thursday), a 20-question Economics assignment (due Thursday), a final role play in Interviewing (Thursday), a final draft of my cover letter (by next week), my final exam in Economics (Monday) and my final exam in International Business (next Friday).

I have completed my cue cards for the presentation, done the assignment (but have to meet with the prof to go over a few answers I'm unsure of), written out all my questions for the final role play, and submitted what I think will be my second last cover letter. I have not yet begun studying for the two final exams, but will start that this week.

I feel like I am essentially prepared for most of these things, so why am I freaking out?!

School is stressful! Thank goodness for apple cider vinegar pills that keep my stomach acid from eating away at my eyeballs while I complete all of this schoolwork.

Hoping for a 4.0 GPA -- wish me luck!!


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  1. You can do it! After all I typically am finishing up on my presentations within seconds of having to give them and here you are done days ahead of time...no surprise there!!! Good luck!


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