Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 36: Camo and Stripes

Okay the explanation for this is that I was wearing two pairs of socks because I was wearing my Mom's adorable boots which are just a tad too big for me. 

I love that this photo makes me look like I have total cankles. I swear to you I have ankles. Real pokey-outey ankles. In this photo? Not so much. This is what my ankles looked like when I was in Belize and for the first day I was in Cuba. In Belize my ankles were so swollen that my shoes barely did up. Because of this I stretched the shoes out so badly that at the end of the trip I pretty much had to throw them away. Apparently I retain water in my ankles in hot places. It's especially cute when I also get a heat rash to go with it. No seriously, I am likely the hottest person on the beach in those places. It's unreal.

Don't be jealous.


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