Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 34: Snowmen and Christmas Trees

To me these socks look like they have Snowmen and a Menorah (the candle-holder used for Hanukkah), but I was informed that those are actually supposed to be Christmas trees, we think. I really like snowmen so these were a great pair of socks from my Nana for Christmas!

Today was my day for one-day-late boxing day shopping! I am not a big boxing day crowds kind of person. Today I went to Pacific Centre. Joy and Syd came up from the States to come shopping. We also had dinner together at this adorable Italian restaurant downtown. I think it was called Bellagio. The man that we think was the owner kept coming over to us and treated us very well throughout our meal. Him and Syd spoke French to each other and it was all really great food! After dinner I went and chatted with Caitlin for a little while until she needed to get ready for bed since she works early tomorrow. Let me just express my love for being back in BC!!!!!!!

Now that I've updated on my day, I just need to rant a little bit about my dislike for certain websites. Today I spent a good 30 minutes on the Starbucks website. All I was trying to do was register two Starbucks cards, change my address, and transfer a balance from one card to the other. I can't believe this took me 30 minutes. Their website is ridiculous! I don't know if it was really busy because the rest of the world and I were all registering our cards at exactly the same moment, or if it's a painfully slow website at the best of times. My advice: if you are going to make a website that is supposed to make it easy to register and update your cards, you should really work on making it fast.

You know when something is making you mad and you take it out on the wrong things? My poor unassuming MacBook Pro almost ended up thrown on the floor because I was getting so frustrated. Anger management issues? Not usually. But for the Starbucks website -- YES!

As a totally unrelated side-note, I tried on some Prada perfume at Sears in Pacific Centre today and I'm in love. I SMELL AMAZING. If anyone wants to buy me Prada perfume instead of socks, I'll take it!


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