Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 15: Stars and Squares

Is it Christmas break yet? Dang it, no. :(

Today I'm wearing socks with stars and squares on them! While they are super cute socks, they are also just a tad too small from too many spins around the dryer. Therefore, they annoy me while I'm wearing my shoes. They are ankle socks so since they are too small they ride down under my heel and it's frustrating. Not to mention my old Converse loooooove to make that squeaky-fart noise when I walk in them sometimes, so with an exposed heel it makes it worse. Really cute. You could probably hear me coming down the street today. Haha, I kid. The noise it makes is really not very loud, but whenever it happens I'm pretty conscious of it. Don't want to be blamed for something that was just my shoe, after all.

Well that was a lovely (too much information) rant about my shoes and socks.

Tomorrow is my insanely busy day filled with my presentation, assignment, and final interviewing role play. After that I have to book it to work in time to take the boy I nanny to hockey. Shall be a very fun and crazy day, I'm sure.

While I would love to stay and write an entire novel instead of doing any sort of homework, I must go and start the studying process for my finals. Since one of them is cumulative, I have to review an entire semester worth of notes. My joy at this is overwhelming.


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