Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 16: Baby Hearts

My baby heart socks are ancient and I have no idea when or where I got them. They are practically see-through when on my feet, but I just think they are so cute and can't seem to throw them away.

As much as I was dreading this insanely busy day (hence the blogging at 11:45 when I should be in bed), I actually really enjoyed today. I got to school at 7:40 this morning to have a last minute meeting before a group presentation at 8am. After that class I went to Economics and found out everything that will be on our final. Then I met with the prof to check over my assignment (which I ended up getting 97% on!!!!!). After that I went to my HR final role play. My prof was running late and one of the girls in the class had a death in the family and therefore the prof spent some (unexpected) time consoling a student. Needless to say my role play was about an hour late, but it went extremely well! In fact, it ended up being really fun. My prof in that class is fantastic. I have really lucked out this semester with really nice and helpful profs.

Tonight I went to a Junior High Christmas Concert. It was so exciting to hear grade 7, 8 and 9 kids play instruments and sing. I was once one of those kids, being in both band and choir at that age. Funny enough I thought the grade 7 band was better than the grade 8 band, but the grade 9 band was definitely the best of the three. Very good concert though! So encouraging to see an entire gymnasium filled with proud parents, family members and friends for all of those kids.

Time for bed before work tomorrow!


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