Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 18: Blue, Green, Yellow Stripes

So I didn't have time yesterday (Saturday) to blog at all, so I will have to do two blogs today!

Saturday I got up nice and early and went to The Purple Perk for breakfast with Joy. It was super yummy and delicious and I enjoyed it very much. We then walked across the street and I studied and met up with Rebecca at Starbucks. It was great. I got about half of my studying for my Economics final done. After spending many hours at Starbucks I came home to get ready for Mingle Bells 2010. Krista hosted this party where she made a delicious dinner for everyone! Such a good little domestic woman. We all (or most) wore our ugly Christmas sweaters and took part in a Secret Santa gift exchange. We did a craft (painting each other's portraits). And we played some good old fashioned drinking games. Neither of which I had ever played before, but they were both really fun.

I had a GREAT time at Mingle Bells and thoroughly enjoyed the week worth of socks I got in my Secret Santa gift, which ended up being from Andre. I shall start wearing them tomorrow!


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