Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 28: Polka-Dots & Lace

These are the last pair of socks that I got from Andre in my secret santa gift. They are super awesome! I really like this pair. I wasn't sure if they'd be comfortable since they don't cover as much of your foot as normal socks, but they are really comfortable.

This morning I took my Mom to work and got to stop in and see a whole bunch of people I used to work with, including some that weren't at the work Christmas Party on Saturday. After spending a couple hours there going around and saying hello, I headed to Starbucks for a yummy drink in my new travel mug that I got from Caitlin for Christmas.

After Starbucks I went to see my dog, Pekoe, who is living at my friend's grandma's house while I am in school. I was nervous to go because I wasn't sure how I was going to react. I was pretty sure that I would cry (I usually do!) and have a really hard time dealing with the stress of leaving him again. When I showed up, he was totally excited to see me! He was running around like crazy and jumping back and forth between two chairs. I gave Pekoe his two new toys for Christmas and he loved them and wanted to play with them both right away. We played for a while and I took him for a walk. We played a little bit more once we got back and then I left. Here's the unbelievable part: I didn't cry. Not one tear. Not because I am heartless, but because I will see him once more while I'm here to give him his new 'City of Maple Ridge' tag that I bought today. I miss my dog so much. Every day. He is so special to me and I am glad that he is happy where he is at and is enjoying the company. 

After seeing Pekoe I went to see Kaitlin, which was awesome! I haven't seen her since she got back from Africa and it was good to hear a little bit about her trip and her life. We'll catch up some more next week sometime.

When I got home we had a family dinner with my Mom, Stepdad, Grandparents and my Aunt. My grandma made amazing Shepherd's Pie that I loved. My Mom made homemade bread that I also loved. Such good food and great company. My Aunt is going to make me a pair of socks to wear for my blog, so keep on the lookout for those babies! I'm excited!

Tomorrow will be a big day so I'm going to go to bed nice and early in preparation!


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