Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 17: Pink with Black Hearts

Photo will have to come later as I am using someone else's computer to write this.

Today was such a great day! I had a fun day at work and it went by so quickly because of it. After work I went to the Calgary Hitmen hockey game and they won 4-3 in overtime. It was such a fun game (especially the 3rd period)!!

At the game it was so cool to see a large group of people from Angola cheering like crazy through the entire game. They were so spirited and stood through the whole thing. They had scarves that said "Angola" and they even brought their own drum! Very, very cool! I wonder what it would be like if people in this country had that much spirit. I imagine that at sporting events in Angola maybe they are constantly on their feet cheering and yelling, but here we are pretty silent except for when someone scores. We "ooh" and "ahh" and groan when they miss, but there is not the same constant happy spirit throughout the event.

Anyways, I hope, in life, to be someone that has a cheerful, delighted spirit, much like I saw displayed by the others at the game tonight. <3


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  1. I saw PINK and couldn't wait to see the pic and then.....NO PIC:(


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