Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 33: Purple Argyle with Scottish Terriers

I received these socks from my Grandma for Christmas. A lot of the socks my Nana gave me are argyle styled and I told her that my socks were very 'college'. For some reason argyle always makes me think of college/university students. I suppose that means having a bunch of argyle socks is quite fitting for my current status as a University student. These socks come with the added bonus of having a cute little doggy on them! They remind me of when my previous boss told me that a friend of mine and I were "so college" because my friend (who is also a client) was going to be staying over at my house. We didn't french braid each other's hair, but we contemplated it just to live up to the college expectation.

Today I got together for lunch and a little window shopping in Fort Langley with Amanda and Amelia. I haven't seen Amelia in years, which is sad because I totally love her to pieces. I also haven't seen Amanda in a long time and since the last time I saw her she's been impregnated (by her husband, of course). Amanda is going to have TWINS, which is crazy exciting and I'm sure scary all at the same time. She is a beautiful, glowing, pregnant lady and I think she'll be a really fun Mom. We browsed around a baby store and all three of us spent a good portion of the time exclaiming "awwwww!" and "that's SO cute!" at nearly everything we laid eyes on. Time well spent with friends, if you ask me!

Tonight my Mom and Stepdad's friends came over for dinner and I ate with them and sat around and chatted with them as well. We had some very interesting (read: hilariously inappropriate) conversations over dinner and dessert. I had a great time.

I think I'm going to head to bed early tonight to gear up for a busy day of shopping tomorrow! I can't wait to window-shop 'till I drop. Being a student means I unfortunately have no money to spend. I will, however, be on the lookout for really cute, different, and cheap socks to add to my collection.

Sweet dreams and I hope you've had a happy Boxing Day!


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  1. Oh how I miss our days of being "so college" together....such fun times we had in the little house on the mountain in Maple Ridge (even when we were "mysteriously" without electricity enjoying one anothers' conversation via candlelight)!!

    I have a massive collection of argyle socks and when I wear them I will consider them a tribute to our "so college" days and think of you:)


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