Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 29: Argyle

I'm writing this blog a day late as yesterday was completely busy and full for me!

I slept in yesterday, which has been a common theme while I've been on vacation so far. After that I went to Starbucks with Amy and her lovely Mommy, Barb. Then Amy and I got ready to head off to Tamara and Jack's wedding. I think one of the best parts of the day was getting dressed for the wedding, in the car, in a high school parking lot, in the conservative farm town of Lynden, Washington. We were both nervous that someone would come up to the car. No one came up to it though, and hopefully the people driving by didn't notice what was going on. After doing the in-car dressing, we drove to the golf club that the wedding took place at. In the parking lot there we put our makeup on and then headed in to the wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Tamara is such a beautiful girl and it was nice for her to be surrounded by her family and friends on such an important day such as yesterday was. Their personal vows to each other were very sweet and I definitely enjoyed hearing them. At the reception the food was really delicious, which doesn't always happen, so that was a treat! Some of us danced after dinner for a little while and then we all went home.

Weddings are really fun and I am glad that I was invited to this one and could actually attend. What a lovely way to spend a Wednesday evening! :)

I'll write another blog post later that will talk about today!


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