Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 187: Stars Are Blind. Thanks, Paris Hilton.

I'm back in Edmonton, well, Nisku, for work tomorrow. I'll be in Nisku while my Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle are in France. Somehow this trade-off seems unfair. In fact - all four of them live in a beautiful province when they are not visiting France. And while, yes, Alberta is pretty - it's not the same kind of pretty as BC.

At my Mom/Stepdad/Grandma/Grandpa's place, you look out the front window and the mountains are so close. The drive to work when taking the back-roads is breathtaking, if you take the time to see it. The roads are winding, the streets are narrower, the drivers are insane...and I love it. British Columbia has mountains. Deep green trees. The ocean. Sand. Rain. Sunshine. And some very beloved family members.

Alberta also holds many beloved family members. Some things that make Alberta appeal to me are the gorgeous, colour-changing, crisp, fall air. Thunderstorms. Deerfoot Trail. Farmer's fields for miles. That gigantic, wide-open, blue sky. The Stampede. Sunshine after it snows. However, I can't stand the biting winter cold. Minus 40 with my eyelashes stuck together and jacket and scarf covering everything but my eyes is not a fun time for me. I really dislike being cold.

But, something I dislike about BC is the same complaint. I dislike being cold. Minus 10 in BC feels colder, because it's a damp cold that sinks into your bones.

Both places have their pros and cons. I think I adore both places equally. But, let's be honest. I don't think I can deal with snow forever.

When is global warming happening?


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