Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 182: Greeeeeeeeeen!

Today, while at work, I was thinking about how much I like rules. Having never really been much of a rule-breaker, I feel safety in rules. My Father was fairly strict when I was younger. At the time I didn't appreciate it. Looking back I sometimes still don't appreciate it. However, I see the value in the strict rules that he placed for me and my safety. The guy loves me, that much is clear. I think that those rules, those oh-so-frustrating-life-controlling rules, are the reason that I like rules now. I don't intentionally disobey. I don't try to see how far I can get without getting caught. I genuinely appreciate rules for what they are. While I agree that some rules are silly and pointless, they are rules nonetheless and should probably be followed. My rule-following nature has probably kept me out of a lot of trouble.

Today though, I realized that I don't just like rules - I find them interesting. I was (not even joking!) reading these giant binders at work that contain Canadian and American Employment Law. They are getting me excited to take Business Law next semester! Employment Law is interesting because I'm nosy. This helps to appease my nosy nature by allowing me to know what people can, and do, wrong at work. I may have found a niche for my HR career, in the law side of things...time will tell.


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