Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 183: Love Me Do

Well, that worked out perfectly. My plan was to talk in this blog about how excited I am that my friend Kaitlin is going to come to Calgary during Stampede this year. It worked out perfectly because Kaitlin gave me these socks! She went to the Beatles' Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas and brought these back for me. The letter I received (before Canada Post went on strike) contained details of the entire trip, with my favourite story being about Kaitlin in a limo. Ask her about that sometime. Best.

Anyways, so Kaitlin is coming here in July! I can't wait! I sent a giant email to her with links to lots of restaurants in Calgary. Before I left BC, Kaitlin and I would get together every couple weeks or so and try a restaurant we had never tried before together. It was really fun. We will continue this tradition here in Calgary, however, it will be over the course of four days. The idea is to not eat any meals at home. New restaurant for every meal. PLUS Stampede!!!!!

If you haven't been to the Stampede, you need to go. So many Calgarians hate it, but they clearly have never heard me yeehaw. Pretty sure that baby could get lots of people in the spirit. Since I haven't been to Stampede in so long though, my yeehaw will likely be very rusty. That's so sad. No one wants a hoarse yeehaw. Hahaha...see what I did there? horse...with a yeehaw...they're both cowboys. Ok, I'm done.


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