Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 181: A bright, bright sunshiny day!

Authenticity, friends. Authenticity has been on my mind lately. Likely because I sometimes have a hard time owning my own feelings, emotions, values, etc. So, yes, this will be one of those posts where I tell you all what to do and probably will suck at doing it myself. Hypocrite!

However, I really feel that people should be completely authentic. How else will people know the real you? There is nothing I dislike more than a pushover. Someone who completely changes based on who they are with. Someone who always goes along with the crowd, just to not make waves. I dislike that so much. And yet, I can be like that too. Not so much a pushover and going along with everyone just for the sake of it, but I can change myself a bit depending on who I'm with. That happens when you have 'party' friends and some super strict 'church' friends. That requires a little bit of navigation. However, my core self never changes. I am still the same girl, I just watch my mouth a little more around my church friends. 

Anyways, the point is that I hope that people will just own their stuff. 

Are you super emotional? Own it. (I do!)
Are you a worrier? Own it. (I do!)
Are you totally laid back? Own it. 
Did you make a huge mistake that you are afraid to share? Own it.
Did you open your mouth when you shouldn't have? Own it.
Do you prefer short men over tall? Own it.
Do you prefer using swear words as adjectives? Own it.
Just do you! 

If we were all a bit more authentic-ly us, we wouldn't have to worry about people not truly knowing who we are. Be yourself. Always. No exceptions. If some people don't like you, who cares! Those aren't the right people for you to hang out with. You have to find your people. And the only way to find your people, those people that really get you, is to be yourself consistently. 


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