Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 186: Sad Orange

These socks are sad because I wore these on the Tuesday that I said goodbye to Randi, Nick and Krista. We played our last dodgeball game of the season and then went to Boston Pizza. At Boston Pizza I had to say goodbye to Randi and Nick who were moving to England (back to Nick's homeland) for a bit and then are going to travel and then return to England for a bit longer. They will likely be gone for about a year. I cried at Boston Pizza. Other people cried too. It was just sad all around.

After Boston Pizza, Krista drove me back to her house where my car was parked. We sat in her parents SUV and talked, laughed and teared up. I told her all about how I can't imagine my life without the last 10 months that we've spent together. I can't imagine my life without all the wine, Harry Potter, Gavin and Stacey, laughing, snuggling, Pride and Prejudice, parties, long drives, sleepovers and Starbucks. She has quickly, and easily, solidified her place as one of my very best friends. I can say anything to this girl and she is unfazed by it. She laughs at things that I think will shock her, she cries at things that I don't expect. She has learned to be more of a 'girl' just to appease me and my constant need for emotional girl talk. Knowing her has enriched my life in ways that I cannot even express.

It is because of all these feelings of friendship that upon getting into my car, as Krista waved as she drove off to have to face another goodbye, I broke down. I sat in my car and sobbed. The crying where your whole face contorts into this hideous mess of tears, mascara, redness, and all you can do is sniff loudly and inhale deeply in short, sharp, spurts. What I affectionately call my "ugly cry".

I am thankful for What's App - the smartphone application that allows me to use data to text Krista in England for free. I will also be visiting Krista in May of next year. Even if doing my internship in London doesn't work out, I will for sure be going to visit for two weeks. We are hoping to do Ireland -- my dream trip! -- together.


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