Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 178: The Green M&M

These little gems were a gift for me from a friend who went to Disney World. I have never been to Disney World, but one day I would really like to go. Everyone always says it's better than Disneyland. I find that hard to imagine, but that is why I want to go and see it for myself.

Beneath these socks is my really comfy hotel bed in Edmonton. Those king size pillow-top mattresses are the best. I am normally a one side of the bed kind of sleeper. Very polite, you know, I share with four stuffed animals. So they get one side and I take the other. At home, I love this setup. I'm comfy on the right hand side of the bed. Always have been. However, you put me on one of those king sizes and I starfish like nobody's business. On my tummy, on my back. I roll all around that bed so that I get the blankets all twisted up in a bunch around me.

It's glorious.


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  1. I want those socks.... except 2 different M&M's cause matching socks on my feet is a sin in life haha.


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