Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 177: Prints of the Animals

I am lazy today. SO lazy.

I have done nothing at all that was of any consequence to myself or others. I woke up. I showered. I sort of half attempted blowdrying my hair. In realizing that I would likely not do much today I stopped blowdrying my hair when it was only half dry. I have not put on any makeup. I did, however, brush my teeth. That's a must. I got some breakfast from downstairs. I ate it in my bedroom while finishing Jane Austen's Emma. Then I sat and watched Gilmore Girls on my laptop. Then it was lunch. I reheated leftovers. I contemplated doing something substantial with my afternoon. Instead, I went back upstairs and watched more Gilmore Girls episodes on my laptop. Then it was dinner. I went downstairs and heated up a leftover turkey dog. Now I'm contemplating the rest of my evening and let's be honest, it will likely include copious amounts of internet surfing, or possibly more Gilmore Girls.

I love lazy days like these sometimes. I think our bodies and minds need them once in a while. Well, my body could probably use some exercise once in a while too, but I don't listen to that very often. I likely need a little more balance.


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  1. The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars sums up how I feel some days...sans the parts about sex with girls and letting it all hang loose, that is! Mental rehabilitation days are critical to one's sanity:)


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