Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 176: Little MissMatched

These sweet socks came in a pack of three and are meant to be mismatched. One of the three socks had an unfortunate accident with a suitcase zipper and now I have two! But they are perfectly mismatched -- and comfy! And they breathe. So nice.

So I've realized recently that sometimes when I speak it comes out very slow. Now I know that I'm not a genius, like an Albert Einstein or anything like that. However, I do feel that I am intelligent and should be able to carry on a coherent conversation without the awkward pausing and "umm"s that I seem to have a propensity for. I've always considered what could possibly be the cause of my speaking so slowly sometimes.

Today it clicked. It's my brain. It works too quickly. No, I'm not getting all arrogant like my brain is bigger than yours or better than yours. Mine is just fast. I am sure many people in the world have this same problem. My brain moves so fast sometimes that it's hard for me to even process a thought and form it into a coherent sentence before my brain moves on to something else entirely.

What I should say quickly: "I like your coat."

How it comes out:
(thinking) Oh, I like her coat. (speaking)"I"....oh, coats, I really need to get a new fall jacket. Maybe there is a sale at the mall..."like"...I really like that store with the things in the window. Lots of colour and pretty accessories. Maybe I will pop in there too. I can always use more accessories. Oh what was I saying?..."your"...Maybe I have too many accessories though, yeah, I probably do. I have a lot. I probably don't need anymore. But what I really need is to get gas, an oil change, some chips, some apples. I need to make a list. Where is my iPhone? I swear it was in this pocket. Oh, wasn't I speaking? Oh yeah, whoops..."coat. I like your coat. Sorry."

And the person who is trying to have a conversation with me is staring at me dumbfounded this entire time wondering how it could possibly take me that long to form a four-word sentence. It's FOUR WORDS.

Sometimes I think I'm a bit of an idiot.

Other times the brain and the mouth work much too well together. Those times are embarrassing too. However, I think I'd rather be known for not having a filter than for making conversations ridiculously long, boring and hard to follow because I can't complete a sentence without getting distrac.......oh look! A squirrel!


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