Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 185: Halfer hearts

In theory these socks are a great idea. In practice, not so much. They are made so that you can wear them whilst wearing flats. The problem with that is the part that covers the front part of your foot is too big to hide under the flats. So you can still tell that you are wearing socks. I opted to just wear them with runners, but then they kept coming off my heel and tucking under my feet. I like the idea, but they're not worth the frustration!

Ok, so, I went to yoga. It was a lot more...subdued than I was imagining. Next time I go (in a couple weeks when I'm back from Edmonton), I'll try the faster-paced class. It was probably good to go to this slow one first to learn some of the poses, but man I almost fell asleep like three times. I can sleep on my bed at home. I don't need to pay money to sleep in a warm room with 20 other people. I'm good doing that on my own, thanks.

I'm sure the relaxed class is nice when you are stressed though. It did make me consciously think about my breathing today. When I felt overwhelmed with something, my reaction was to stew over it on the inside like I always do. Then I reminded myself to breathe. If I focused on my breathing it took some of the stress out of the situation so I could deal with it rationally. So, yeah, I learned some stuff. I will go back.


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