Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 6: Yellow and Orange Stripes (continued)

It's still Day 6, but I just had to share about my evening. Very blog-worthy!

It is official. I have caved. I have finally, after years of protesting, given in.

I now own skinny jeans.

I got my skinny jeans at Forever XXI (21, for those of us that don't read Roman Numerals easily -- me!) for less than $20. Pretty good deal, I must say. I decided to finally buy some because I just really wanted to wear the adorable boots everyone else wears over top of my jeans. Anyone that knows me knows that I am shoe obsessed. Why not broaden my shoe loving horizons to boots too? Oh, the excitement!

After I joined the world of hipsters and hot girls, I went to Petsmart, which is where all hipster/hot girls go. Right? This is only natural as my little Pekoe de Freako (my dog) will be expecting his usual stocking filled with toys on Christmas day. First of all, if you work at a store and your girlfriend comes to visit while you are still on shift, customers are still your first priority. Walking around hand-in-hand in the store with said girlfriend is not. When a customer is looking extremely lost looking for something specific, I genuinely suggest you offer help instead of - not even kidding - kissing your girlfriend in the main aisle! Seriously? Of all the times to say it...GET A ROOM.

I now move on to my check out experience. After finally finding a suitable toy for a destructive little chihuahua, I made my way to the cash register to pay. The cashier didn't have enough coin for change for my $20 bill. My change was supposed to be $12.66 and all he had was $12.50. I said, "Let me give you the $0.34 and then you can give me $13." To which the man replied, "That doesn't make sense, I have $12.50." Oh dear. Once I explained the basic math to him, we were fine...until he started talking about symbiotic relationships. Here I am buying a tiny little toy for my pint-sized dog and the cashier that can't do math wants to talk about symbiotic relationships?! As if I know what that is?!?!

So I googled it when I got home and I now understand that a symbiotic relationship is when one organism lives on another. Where did my helping him with math get his brain onto a track of thinking about organisms that live on one another?

I will never understand men. Not ever.


  1. Maybe because the relationship between you and him was that he needed you to do the transaction because he couldn't figure it out? He was dependent on you? Or that you were both stuck there dependent on each other because you knew the math and he had the money but didn't know how to use it so he needed you but you needed him too? I don't know.

    Also, skinny jeans (although not too skinny haha) and boots are fab. Well done.

  2. LOL! Obviously you are not a biology major;)

  3. I love the fact that he know what a symbiotic relation ship is but can not count change!!! Just goes to show you do not really use anything you learn in school!!

  4. Apparently I need to go back to school!! Ha ha ha.
    ahhhh don't text and type at the same time it is dangerous to your ego!!

  5. A symbiotic relationship is where one person can take care of the couple's math needs while the other person can interpret the psychobabble they encounter, thus making them excel as a duo in any other words you and this clerk were made for each other!


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