Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 6: Yellow and Orange Stripes

Sunshine on my feet in the form of yellow and orange stripes. I figured wearing socks with these colours would have to make my day a good day. So far it's been great, other than a test that I don't care to talk about in depth because I fear I may not have done as well as I had hoped. 

I went shopping today with a couple friends to a store I've never been to before in Marda Loop. It's called Crabapple Clothing Company. If you are looking for a store where you could spend a fortune on adorable (sometimes one-of-a-kind) items, this is the place for you. Think hand-knit scarves, cream-coloured pea coats with feminine, intricate black detailing and gorgeous silk blouses. Seriously, us ladies had to restrain ourselves so we didn't get carried away. This store also has delightful underwear that I was told about last night and just had to have a pair (or two...)! While there, Rebecca and I found these winter ear/head covering things. They are hand-knit and absolutely adorable. They are perfect for keeping your ears warm (in the ridiculous Calgary weather) when your hair is in a ponytail. I scoped it out, had Rebecca try it on for me since her hair was up, and we were both hooked. We both ended up buying it in inverse shades - mine is black with grey accents and hers is grey with black accents. They both have these adorable bows on the a side note, I just typed 'boys' instead of 'bows' and laughed hysterically. 

So that was my adventure today. I feel that I deserved a little present after the test I wrote so I treated myself to Starbucks, new underwear and an adorable head/ear warmer. Happy Monday to me!!



  1. You MUST take me there one day!! We can have a date afternoon :)

  2. That is where I bought my dress for Rachelle & Tyler's wedding,it is a cool store.......if only I had known about the "delightful" underwear... hehe :)

  3. I must say...
    1) I love you lots
    2) take me to this store
    3) like the peacoat we spent hours looking for in Van?

  4. So what kinds of treats will you have to have when you do a final exam???
    Love you!


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