Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 3: Elmo

Today is Elmo's turn! I also purchased these Elmo socks at the Night Market in downtown Vancouver, sometime in the spring or summer (can't remember).

Elmo always reminds me of being little. I used to love watching Sesame Street, back in the days when it was still a Street, not a Park, and Ernie and Bert still had baths together and shared a bed. No one thought anything of that stuff back then. Elmo reminds me of bath time as a girl because I had the whole Sesame Street character set as bath toys. My Dad would talk like Grover, saying "Neaaarrr" and "Faaarrr", and make me laugh. Elmo reminds me of living on 4th Street and having my best friend, Lindsay, live in the apartment upstairs. We would have tea parties on the front lawn, do somersaults over the bars outside, watch The Little Mermaid, dance like fools to 'Walk Like An Egyptian' and 'Kokomo', and have sleepovers where her Mom would make us a snack tray before bed. We would giggle until we couldn't stay awake anymore (probably about 9pm - ha!). We both had adorable cats. Mine was named Tot and she was a Sealpoint Siamese. Oh man, I loved that cat. Lindsay's cat was named Thunder and he was grey and white. One time we tried to see if Thunder could fly and threw him off the 2nd story balcony at the pine tree. In hindsight it was really cruel, and totally stupid, but Thunder lived (thank goodness he held onto a pine tree branch) and we found him after just up the block, scared out of his mind. Gee, I wonder why.

Other things that remind me of being little:
- feety pajamas
- Smurf bedsheets
- CareBear sleeping bag (not sure why I had one, we didn't ever go camping)
- dresses
- purple rubber boots
- frilly socks (if anyone has a pair of these that would fit me and I could wear for a day - PLEASE send them!)
- sleepovers on the hide-a-bed
- Angels in the Outfield, Little Rascals, and what was that one with Devon Sawa that was about football? Shoot, I can't remember the name.
- the book - Bridge to Terabithia
- our hideous carpet and yellow kitchen appliances
- playing hide-and-seek in the apartment building
- rollerblading
- riding my bicycle
- my imaginary friend, Bentley. He got hit by a car.
- walking to school with my wet hair freezing into icicles on the way
- day care
- cuddling with Tot under the covers
- my Father taking photos of me crying (I can think of at least THREE specific pictures)...maybe I'll post them if I find them.

I could probably go on forever, but I will stop there. It's fun to think about the things that made up parts of your childhood and remind you of being small. As much fun as most of those things were though, I am really glad that I am older now and independent.

Dinner time...


  1. Bentley got hit by a car?! What a strange little girl you are.

  2. Yep, he did. It was devastating for my little heart at the time.

  3. I STILL wear feety pajamas. I could loan them to you for a day if they would qualify as "socks"! And I too mourn Bentley.


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